Two Schoolboys Use An Umbrella To Save A Tiny Kitten Trapped On A Canopy

It’s so heartwarming to read rescue stories with happy endings. All animals deserve normal and good lives and these stories like that prove that there are still many people who are willing to help and care for animals in need. The story below will show us that small miracles may create miraculous power

On the way home from school, two primary school students see a cat trapped on a canopy. The two boys realize they need to act quickly before the kitten falls from the canopy.

hey hold up an umbrella upside down, as the kitten wanders around the red and white striped canopy.

They patiently wait for the cat to jump.

It seems like the kitten somehow knows what the boys do. So slowly, it crawls at the edge of the canopy.

Later on, the kitten can be seen jumping from the canopy and falling inside the umbrella.

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